About the Proactive Monitor software

The ProActive Monitor hosted monitoring service is powered by PRTG Network Monitor by Paessler AG. Paessler’s mission is to make complicated issues easier to understand and cumbersome processes simpler and more efficient. When translated to PRTG the result is a powerful but very user friendly and intuitive monitoring system.

PRTG Network Monitor is a very full featured network monitoring toolkit which has far reaching capabilities way beyond traditional network monitors. In addition to monitoring servers and network devices ProActive Monitor clients also monitor their:

  • Bandwidth utilization and firewall traffic
  • VoIP performance
  • Readings from room temperature and humidity sensors
  • Testing the status of web applications
  • Server load on UPS power supplies

At ProActive Monitor we take things one step further by looking after the implementation and maintenance of your monitoring system. We believe proactive system monitoring relies completely on high availability purpose built monitoring infrastructure which guarantees your system performance and availability is always being monitored. That’s why we’ve invested in redundant leased lines, UPS power supplies and a backup generator to make sure ProActive Monitor is always online.

While PRTG monitoring is intuitive we recognise complex implementations and interpreting data can still be a serious challenge. ProActive Monitor works closely with technical and non technical clients to ensure the availability and performance monitor is delivering the best possible return on investment and full benefit.

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