Hosted Service

As a hosted service ProActive Monitor provides all the benefits of a market leading monitoring system but without any spiralling set up costs such as dedicated hardware and specialist support. The ProActive Monitor packages all include expert technical support which is inclusive in every ProActive Monitor subscription.

ProActive Monitor has invested in infrastructure which meets the rigorous demands of system monitoring. This investment means our monitoring system has very high availability meaning you enjoy the benefits all day every day.

Redundant leased lines and backup power supplies mean our data centre is always online and our VMware platform and SAN storage allows for a generous allocation of system resources.

Data is securely transferred to the ProActive Monitor server where the data is processed. The dashboard is then available via a web interface and an endless list of client devices can also be used to display monitoring data.

We are confident the wide range of secure mobile clients makes external monitoring an appealing feature of the ProActive Monitor system. The ProActive Monitor client dashboard is accessible via a secure client login. As well as being available at all times the hosted ProActive Monitor system take away the need for your business to host an Internet facing server for external monitoring access.

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