About Proactive Monitor

Proactive Monitor is a hosted service provided by a business IT services company. As a company we have provided server management and network management to a range of clients across various sectors. As Proactive Monitor is operated by IT infrastructure management specialists with years of experience in remote monitoring and system monitoring the decision was made to launch Proactive Monitor.

Proactive Monitor recognises not all IT departments or businesses have the resource to monitor the network infrastructure they support. Proactive Monitor complements the traditional reactive approach to system support by hosting a toolkit of proactive monitoring tools. The monitoring software includes a range of powerful monitoring sensors which allow every aspect of IT systems to be monitored.

PRTG Network Monitor is a software product hosted by Proactive Monitor. PRTG Network Monitor is an industry leading monitoring solution and Proactive Monitor add benefits such as fixed subscription fees, complete maintenance, high availability and fully inclusive expert technical support.

Some Proactive Monitor clients start out looking for proactive server monitoring or server performance monitoring tools. Very quickly further benefits can be realised such as IT cost saving and cloud computing, website monitoring or Internet monitoring.

Proactive Monitor has a number of clients in different sectors and has developed a number of packages to suit businesses and organisations of different sizes. We are continually developing new products and services such as school network monitoring software products and other offerings tailored to specific IT environments.

Proactive Monitor is part of the Stem Group of companies which is owned and operated by Stem Networks Ltd.

Stem Networks Ltd was formed in 2006 with the simple aim of becoming the leading business technology and continuity company in the South West. Delivering outstanding services and solutions.

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